Macular Degeneration & Lucentis

Lucentis Treatments

Lucentis Treatment for Macular Degeneration on the Gold Coast

What is Lucentis?

With no treatment, most eyes with ‘wet’ macular degeneration lose central vision (i.e. go blind). An average eye needs 6 to 8 injections over the course of 12 months.

Benefits of Lucentis Treatments
  • Lucentis is safe: there are virtually no systemic side effects
  • Risk with needle injection are uncommon
  • Stop vision deteriorating more than 2 lines in 95% of patients
  • 70% of patients hold vision at level when starting
  • 30% of patients have vision improve

Risks of Lucentis Treatments
  • Severe infection in eye
  • Lens damage: cataract if needle touches lens - cataract surgery may be needed.
  • Retinal tear
Prevent Blindness with Lucentis

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